kiklop a27 tube amplifier

Integrated tube amplifier Kiklop a27

We are proud to present brand new integrated
HI-FI tube amplifier KIKLOP A27.
The amplifier is fully a fruit of our knowledge and passion. Handmade in Slovenia.

Pure A class amplifier

  • 2 x 27 W output power in ultra-linear pentode mode
  • 2 x 15 W output power in triode mode
  • Push-pull architecture

Sound of vacuum tubes

4 x ECC81 on preamp and 4 x EL34 on poweramp delivering warm tube sound

Elegant design

Tubes and distinguished minimalist housing, join the spirit of modern times with the glow of the old

Characteristics and main features

Nothing was left to chance at development of this amp. We used top quality long life materials.
The audio output transformers are handcrafted in-house and designed for the listener’s needs.
The PCB is designed to ensure that the left and right channels are identical with its perfect duality.

Kiklop A27 is not just an ordinary tube amp. It joins classical tube amp design with the digital part, which offers many additional features you can’t find elsewhere but in Kiklop.

Mobile app and IR remote control

Remote control allows you to turn the amp on or off, adjust the volume or mute it and select the input. So does mobile app and even more.

kiklop tube amplifier mobile app

Connect your best audio source

Strem your music over high quality built-in bluetooth receiver. Connect turntable to phono input or other audio sources via AUX inputs.

kiklop tube amplifier rear side connections

Multifunctional jog

Simple jog button allows you to control almost everything. Led lights around the button show volume and selected input and act like VU-meter.

kiklop tube amplifier jog button

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